Need a website?

On a limited budget?

This is the answer.

Voixly99 is a custom, subscription based, web-design service. There’s no need to spend $3,000, $5,000, or more on a custom website for your business. We’ll give you everything you would get for that price, but for only $99 a month.

We’ll design and build you a website that is:


 ✓   Custom Built

✓   User Friendly

✓   Beautifully Designed

✓   Mobile Responsive

✓   Fast

✓   SEO Friendly


There’s no need to convince you of the power of a website for your business. If you aren’t online yet, then you’re already behind the competition. Settling for social media pages as your company’s only online presence will only get you so far and reflects your appearance as a professional.

You need a website. Your website.

Ask yourself this: What’s the first thing you do when looking for a product or service? Where do you go?

If you’re like almost everybody else, you pull out your phone or get on your computer and search for it. Google gives you results to help you find what you’re looking for. Those results are all links to websites. Without a website you’re missing out on an unlimited number of people who could be ready to buy what your business has to offer.

The problem, though, when searching for website design services is that most websites fall under two categories:

1.   Cheap websites with poor design, limited functionality, slow load times, or not mobile responsive (meaning they don’t adjust to a phone or tablets screen.)

If you don’t think it really matters as long as you have a website, then ask yourself: What’s your honest response when you see a website like this? What’s your first impression? First impressions, by the way, are everything nowadays.

2.   Beautiful websites with eye-catching images and messages, great functionality, fast, and mobile responsive.

These are the kind of websites people remember. They give an amazing first impression. They are welcoming to the visitor and more likely to convert them into buyers. The problem, though, with most of these websites? Price. They can be really expensive. If you’ve gone searching for website design then you already know this.

That’s why we developed Voixly99 - to give small business owners, startups, and entrepreneurs a chance; to help them compete and grow their business with an amazing website.

We found a way to make outstanding web design available to you. We found a way to make it affordable. Instead of paying multiple thousands of dollars on your website, with Voixly99 you pay just $99 a month.


That’s it.

Your price won’t change. We won’t trick you out of thousands of dollars. We won’t leave you with a bad website. We won’t go anywhere.

How are we able to offer something this great at such a low price?

Our team of web designers and developers have developed a system to quickly and efficiently design websites specifically for small businesses. We offer this price because we are a small business and we know how important it is early on to save money where you can and invest in things that really matter.

If you need a website and don’t want to spend a absurd amount of money, go with Voixly99.

Voixly99 Website Design Subscription Packages:

Voixly99 Website Design Subscription Packages:

Voixly 99 Starter

$99/ monthly

Our starter plan is best for small businesses.

  • Semi-Custom Website
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Free tech support
  • 3 monthly website edits (72hr turnaround)
  • -

Voixly 99 King

$499/ monthly

For bigger businesses who want to be the King of their market

  • Semi-Custom Website
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Free tech support
  • Monthly SEO plan ($400 value)
  • Unlimited website edits (24hr turnaround)

Start today. Grow your business. Go to the next level.

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