The People

At Voixly, people matter. So much of our business is measured by numbers - website traffic, social media followers, clicks, links, conversion rates, you name it. We understand, though, that behind all the statistics, all the calculations, are real people. In a digitally driven, online world, our desire is to never forget the human side of things. Whether they work for us or they buy from us, people are what really drive our business, and they are what drives yours.

Colton Rucker

CEO & Founder

Web Development, SEO, Coffee, Weightlifting, Breakfast food

Colton is an entrepreneur in every sense of the word. Always ahead of his age, Colton has developed his expertise in web development through hands-on experience. His passion is to truly help others, whether it’s a local business looking to get ahead, or a non-profit that serves others. Colton and his wife Megan live near Magnolia, TX.

Brian Sherman

Director of Content & Social Media

Content Development, Social Media, Storytelling (writing), Fitness, Nachos.

Brian spends a lot of his time at Voixly writing. He also writes regularly for Eventual Expert, where you can find Voixly's blog. He's the author of the book For Real This Time, and founder and lead writer of the blog by the same name. Brian and his wife Hannah are also the Children's Ministry Directors at their church. Brian and Hannah live in Conroe, TX..

Hannah Sherman

Content Marketer, Social Media Marketer

Social Media, Design, Books, Cooking, Biscuits & Gravy

Hannah is a movie buff, avid fiction reader, singer, songwriter, coffee-house traveler, at-home chef, and creatively and administratively gifted. She's the glue that holds the company together :) Hannah and her husband, Brian live in Conroe, TX>.

Josh Roper

Web Developer

Website Development & Design, Monopoly genius, SEO development, working out

Josh started at Voixly as the first intern and quickly grew to become a highly capable developer. Josh works out a lot and his constantly honing his skills in design and development - and it shows.

David Donahoo

Director of Client Relations

Sales, Recruiting, Client Communications.

David (Dave) is the biggest fan, and critic, of movies. He's a true fan of vintage video games, Transformers, and music - especially the 80's. Dave's extensive background in sales, service, and recruiting make him a valuable asset to Voixly. David and his wife, Esther live in Conroe, TX with their daughter Peyton.

William Robert

CEO of Partner Company, WR Empire Marketing

Branding, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing

William Robert’s unique background and quickly growing authority in the market has positioned him to be a sought-after leader and coach in building brand identity and awareness, and marketing that brand to the perfect audiences. William’s story is full of chapters as different as the seasons. A promising football player in the NFL turned singer-songwriter, and an inspirational speaker traveling the world turned social media marketer. William and his wife, Rebecca live near San Francisco, CA.

Jared Stump

CEO of Partner Company, Battle Ground Creative

Publishing, Writing, Marketing, Design

Jared, like Colton, is far beyond his years in his level of expertise and business development. A 23-year old author and publisher, Jared built his publishing company through relationship marketing and a keen attention to detail. Jared travels regularly as a sought-after speaker. He currently lives in Harrisburg, PA..

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