Voixly has a separate division called Nonprofit Builders that works exclusively with nonprofits and ministries.

Nonprofit Builders – An Organization Dedicated to Nonprofit and Ministries

Are you a nonprofit or ministry organization looking to grow and reach new heights? At Nonprofit Builders, we work with organizations just like you every day to build awareness, raise money, effectively run your organization, and ultimately give your cause the attention it deserves. We have the experience and knowledge to make your organization successful.

Growth, Consistency, and Sustainability

Many Nonprofit and ministries have a great cause and a message that deserves to be heard. The problem, though, is that sustaining such a cause can become quite difficult in the long run. You need consistent funding, ongoing brand growth, and organizational structure to truly make the biggest difference. That’s where we come in. We have expert strategists, talented digital marketers and developers, and key connections to funders that can turn your organization into a recognized leader in your city, state, nation, or even the world.

A Memorable Online Presence

In this day and age, a ministry has to have an online presence. While there are plenty of forms of marketing like print ads, flyers, billboards, and more that can work, only relying on those will not reach many people outside your local area. When you have a professional looking website, and active social media pages, your potential reach expands to virtually the entire world. Giving organizations a strong digital footprint is one of the core things that we do at Nonprofit Builders. We'd love to help create your ministry's website, social media, and online platform.

Who We Are – A Nonprofit Expert Team to Help You Grow

Leaders, Developers, Marketers, Strategists, all with one goal in mind – to grow your organization.

Backed by proven methods, a track record of success, and a team of experts with 40+ years of expereince, Nonprofit Builders works to see good causes get the attention they deserve. Whether it’s awareness, fundraising, branding, marketing, or overall growth, we can make it happen. We’ve done it time and time again with all different organizations, whether on a local, national, or even global scale, and we know we can do it for you.