Local Business SEO


Local Business SEO

Do you want to have the top rankings in Google for local searches? Voixly works with local businesses and organizations to provide SEO that is specifically designed to give you an edge in the local marketplace. Local Business SEO is for you if your business primarily sells services or products locally, Google Maps listings are the top search result when you search for important keywords, or if your competitors are claiming all the top spots in local search listings on Google.

Voixly provides local search optimization for businesses and organizations who want to improve or increase their local search engine presence. Having the top spot on search results is no longer enough. Google displays local results whenever it can to be more user friendly. This is increasing more and more as Google now puts a much heavier emphasis on Google Local Listings and Google Maps.

When Google Maps are included in search results, even being number one on typical search results has a diminished impact, as Maps are shown first. At Voixly, we’ll make sure that your site is optimized for local searches by enhancing your Google Local and Google Map listing. If you don’t do this, a competitor will. We accomplish this for you by optimizing both your website and your Google Places account for Google Local Listings.

Here is our Local Business SEO Packages pricing chart with included features.

Local Business SEO Packages

FEATURES Local Authority SEO Local Business Leader SEO Local Enterprise Leader SEO Local Enterprise Custom SEO
Locations Optimized 1 to 2 3 to 7 8 to 14 15+
Keywords Researched 5 5 5 Custom
Google Places - Setup & Optimization Custom
Google+ Page Setup & Optimization Custom
Google Places - SEO Copywriting Custom
Google Places - Photo/Multimedia Custom
Google Places - Categories Custom
Google Places - Address Matching Custom
Local SEO Webpage for Each Location Custom
Google AdWords Express Setup Custom
Initial Local Directory Submissions 6 8 12 Custom
Quarterly Local Directory Submissions 6 8 12 Custom
Google Map Embedded / Link to Google+ Local on Site Custom
Google+ Badge Added to Site Custom
Bing Local - Local Optimization Custom
Yahoo! Local - Local Optimization Custom
Dedicated Account Manager Custom
Voixly CRM (Online Project Management Timeline) Custom
Monthly Keyword Reporting Custom
Monthly Traffic Reporting Custom
Monthly Customer Reviews Reporting Custom
Monthly Coupon Reporting Custom
Meta Tags - Title & Description [5 Keywords] Custom
Public Responses to Reviews 1 2 3 Custom
Monthly Consultations 1 Every Other Month 1 2 Custom
Schema HTML Tags Addition to Address Custom
Website Analytics - Setup / Audit Custom
Locally Optimized Web Copywriting 2 Pages Per Quarter 3 Pages Per Quarter Custom
Facebook - Business Page Setup/Optimization Custom
Facebook Checkins - Verification/Setup of Location Custom
Foursquare Checkins - Verification/Setup of Location Custom
Yelp - Local Optimization Custom
CitySearch - Local Optimization Custom
Yellowpages.com - Local Optimization Custom
Address Placed on All Pages of your Website Custom
Google Places - Monthly Coupon Management Custom
Content Link Building 1 Every 6 Months Custom
Basic SEO - Website Home Page Custom
Blog Posts/Articles Written 1 - Quarterly Custom
Google AdWords - Keyword Research & Ad Copywriting Custom
Monthly Google AdWords Express Custom
Facebook - Page Design & Strategy Custom
Initial Facebook Likes Seeding - 25+ Likes Custom
Website Call Tracking Add $150 / Month Add $150 / Month Add $150 / Month Get Quote
Groupon/LivingSocial Promotion Custom Quote Custom Quote Custom Quote Get Quote
Yelp Enhanced Listing Management Extra $90 / Month per Location Extra $90 / Month per Location Extra $90 / Month per Location Get Quote
Initial Campaign investment (Includes First Month Investment): $1,250 $2,000 $3,000 Get Quote
Monthly Investment (6 Month Commitment): $200 $300 $475 Get Quote
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How to know if Local Business SEO is Right for You

When searching Google for a targeted keyword for your business, do Google Maps show up first? Are you offering services or products to a specific, defined location? Do your competitors show up in the Google Maps listings? If these all ring true, then Local Business SEO may be the best choice for your business if you want to get ahead of the competition.

Google Places, also known as Google My Business, is a great place for local companies who want to show that they are a local company.

Here are a few industries for which Local Business SEO is critical:

  • Restaurants, Coffee Shops, and Specialty Food Shops
  • Real Estate Companies
  • Maintenance Services (i.e. plumbing, HVAC, maid services)
  • Photographers
  • Insurance Companies
  • Auto Mechanics
  • Medical Offices and Dental Offices
  • Moving Companies
  • Landscapers
  • Construction Companies and Services
  • Pharmacies

There are many more companies and services that fall within this category. And even if your business is at a much larger scale, geographically, it can still benefit from Local SEO services.

Combining SEO Services – Local Business SEO + Business Leader SEO

It’s important to consider that not every search query will show local SEO results, i.e. Google Maps, Google Places etc. It’s still crucial that you have good SEO in regular search results. There is a strong benefit, however in having both. It’s possible that your business will appear TWICE in one search result, in Google Maps (from having local SEO) and in regular search results (from traditional SEO). This is a great way to stand out from the competition and position yourself as an authority.

Combining both of these services also helps boost your traditional search engine optimization. Google will pull information from local results whenever possible. This means that having good local SEO will provide more information for Google and in turn rank you higher for having both. This is a great way to take over search engine real estate and dominate the search results.

Call Tracking to determine ROI with Google Local Listings

We understand that getting traffic to your website is not the end goal. That traffic needs to turn into quality leads in order for your business to benefit from it. When people find your business through Google Places, often a phone call is the next step, not necessarily a visit to your website.

Voixly offers Call Tracking as an additional service to give you a solid grasp on ROI. When you add it to your SEO plan, we’ll provide the service at a discounted rate. We’ll give you a local phone number that redirects to your main number. By measuring the clicks on that phone number we can determine just how effective your Google Local Listings are at bringing in leads to your business.

It’s All About Value

We, at Voixly, know how important value is to your business. That’s why we are sure that our rates and services will be the best that you will find. Give us a call and see what we can do for your business.

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