Custom Company Blog Design


Custom Company Blog Design

One of the most important parts of any great online platform for a company in a blog. It’s a resource of content that supports your brand message and positions you as a leader in your industry. It also is crucial to developing an effective social media strategy. Having great content is one thing, but making sure that content is incorporated into a well-designed blog is just as important. At Voixly, we understand the power of blog design and how attention to detail can make or break the image that your blog portrays. When it comes to designing your company blog, we will:

  • Custom design a blog with you and your company in mind – unique and results driven
  • Integrate your blog into your website with features and design developed just for you
  • Make it WordPress compatible, with the ability to enhance it with WordPress features and plugins

Blogs serve many purposes from announcing product releases, sharing company news, and producing content that presents you as an authority in your market. Whatever the goal, blogs can do a lot for your company online. We, at Voixly understand this. That’s why we put so much attention to detail in blog design.

Here’s a look at our Blog Design Plans:

Company Blog Design Plans

WordPress Installation
Blog Strategy Development
Content Strategy & Information Architecture
Duplicate Content Prevention
Blog Prototypes Limited 1 2
Prototype Refinement
Call to Action Strategy
Social Media Integration
Link Building
Custom Social Media Sharing Badges
WordPress Technical Tweaks Very Limited Limited Full Suite
Theme/Template Optimization Limited Full Suite
Conversion Optimization Very Limited Limited Full Suite
Investment $1,000 $1,700 $3,000
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Services Beyond What’s On the Page – A Blog Designed Just for You

At Voixly, we design blogs that you, the customer, loves. We take your thoughts and ideas, and a clear understanding of your company and audience, and build a blog that not only has great design, but has the desired impact that you envision. The result will not only build your brand and focus on your goals, but also contribute to your company’s online presence in a big way, making it stronger.

Once the design is just the way you want, we will do all the technical work of integrating it into WordPress and enhancing it with useful plugins and features. These features will allow things like email subscriptions to your blog and many other things that contribute to your company’s growth.

Choose Voixly, a Leader in Blog Design

With Voixly, you can trust that you are getting unmatched value and expertise with your blog design. We are confident in our ability to deliver a product that you will love and will want to show off to the world. Let us know how we can help you with your company blog needs.

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