First impressions mean a lot in business. People don’t refer ugly. That’s where design comes in. Your website is your online business card. What are people seeing when they look you up online? Are they sticking around or leaving quickly? What about when your site is viewed on a mobile device – is your site mobile responsive? If not, your business could use a creative upgrade.

Creativity needs to shine through everything you do online. Whether it’s your website, social media pages, email campaigns, mobile apps, or even just the way you manage your platforms, great design will set you apart from your competitors and help your business shine.

Website Development and Creative Design

Website Redesign

Do you have a website, but aren’t getting the results you want? Often our clients come to us because they already have a website, but it is need of an overhaul. Whether that means a new, more attractive and professional look, or better functionality and content, at Voixly, we can rebuild your site to give you the results you’re looking for. Our redesign will help you:

Ecommerce Website Development

Do you want to start an online business that sells products from a web-based storefront? Are you a business that wants to expand into the digital marketplace and offer your products online? Ecommerce is the perfect solution. It is a great way to take your online revenue to a whole different level. At Voixly, we help businesses by developing and creating beautiful, cost-effective ecommerce websites. We handle everything from the ecommerce website design, software development, product optimization, SEO, and more.

  • Easy To Use Cart System40%
  • Increase Traffic60%
  • Boost Sales100%

Social Media Design Services

First impressions mean a lot. How you present yourself as a company to the public on social media holds a lot of weight. To make that great impression you need creative social media design that matches your company’s personality. At Voixly, we can give your social media pages a huge design upgrade with custom images and graphics that will enhance your presence online. We’ll create custom profiles, cover photos, pages, applications, and graphic design for:

Responsive Web Design & Development

Nowadays, more and more people are viewing websites on mobile devices. Mobile phones and tablets are quickly outpacing desktop and laptop computers when it comes to web browsing. As a business, if your site is not optimized with these devices in mind, you could be making a bad impression on visitors and potential customers. Most businesses tend to overlook this important detail, and while their new site looks great on one screen, it appears differently and less than optimal on another. That’s why responsive web design is such an important part of your online presence.

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Email Marketing Design

Chances are, if you’ve been researching how to effectively market online as a business, you’ve probably already seen a lot of sources stating how important it is to have an email list, and consistent email campaigns. Email is one of the most effective forms or online marketing. It’s more personal, more targeted, and has a much higher ROI than almost any other form of online marketing.

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