The Company


The Company

Voixly – Pronounced “V-wall-ee”

[Voixly comes from “voix”, the French word for “voice”. We just added “ly” to the end to create a name that is unique and different. Fun Fact: The Voixly Company was originally the name for an audio blog software that Colton and Brian began developing in early 2014 – hence using the word for voice. That project eventually fell through, but we kept the name and gave it to the SEO and marketing business.]

Voixly was founded on the desire to offer the highest quality product in web design and online marketing in a cost-effective way. Our focus has and always will be on one thing: building relationships. We understand that growing a business and sustaining that growth has everything to do with how we build and nurture relationships. Clients are not just clients, and partners are not just partners. We want to get know those we work for and with, and to be with them for the long run.

In 2008, Colton was learning to build websites and doing digital marketing work for non-profits. After years of perfecting the craft and learning the details of web development, Colton began to see the emerging need for online marketing, especially SEO. He was building websites and then sending them to a different company to perform the SEO, but he soon realized that he could do the work just as well, if not better. So, in early 2014, Brian and Colton met to discuss working together, and Voixly found its beginning. As Brian and Colton continued to work together, and businesses began coming to Colton for website work, they quickly realized they could build a business that provides great SEO and internet marketing. Learn more about the people of Voixly

Now, the business is growing, and fast. We are building relationships and partnerships and working to become the best: the best choice for local businesses (we are one ourselves); the best choice for enterprise businesses (we are growing into one); the best, most trusted SEO and marketing company possible.

Our story is being written every day. Like any good story, it’s full of twists and turns, risks and growth, and it’s a constantly evolving journey. We’d love to help write your story. Your business has the potential to be great, and we know that for us to be the best, it means we need to help you become the best.

Let’s get to know each other. Let’s work together.