Get Discovered, Reach your Community

For churches to reach their communities and make the desired impact, they must be easy to discover, and be able to draw people in to what's discovered. Meaning, it’s one thing to be found, it’s another for people to be drawn to what they find. At Voixly, our Church specific SEO practices will do just that. With a beautifully designed website, optimized keywords, and community focused social media pages you will be set up to reach your community effectively.

Google, a friend of Churches

Here’s a good question to ask: If someone moved into your community and Googled "churches in [your city],” would they find you? What about on the Google maps that accompany most searches? If the answer is no, then your church website is in much need of optimization. You might not have a great website, or you might have a beautiful website, but no one is seeing it. We, at Voixly, will partner with your church to make sure you reach the first page of Google, and that you get in front of the community you are trying to reach.

Stand Out in the Ministry Landscape

Your church has a message to share, but the “ministry marketplace” is flooded with messages. At Voixly, we understand the power of your message and your unique voice. We’ll help you clarify that, be consistent in sharing it, and make sure it’s beautiful in its delivery. Our expertise in graphic design and event coordinating in the digital sphere will make sure you stand out. Your church family will be happy to share the message and we will ensure that real, organic growth is happening on a regular basis.

We’ve worked with many churches, helping them reach their community, getting them found on Google, and giving them a beautiful online platform to share their message. Let’s see how we can help you.